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Margarita Dittborn was born in Santiago, Chile in 1981. An emerging young photographer, she has won several awards including the “Best Chilean Photography Exhibition Prize 2008” at the Art Critics Circle Awards for her “Lovesick Woman” series. Her work draws inspiration from her own life experiences, such as her obsession with food and animals, as well as from Baroque paintings she has seen at the Fine Arts Museum in Santiago, Chile. She incorporates poetic elements from such references as well as the concept of lighting to create photomontages of quirky and sometimes eccentric interpretations of various objects, past history and Baroque paintings.

Margarita Dittborn has been featured in a directory of the top 500 young artists in the world, “Younger than Jesus”, published by the New Museum in New York, USA and Phaidon in 2009, in conjunction with the museum’s new signature triennial and the first major international exhibition by the same title, that is devoted exclusively to the generation born around 1980, who were under the age of thirty-three years old at the time of the exhibition.



  • Best Chilean Photography Exhibition Prize 2008 "Enfermas de Amor", Galería Florencia Loewenthal, Círculo de Críticos de Chile



  • Third Young Artists Competition (selected artist), Mavi (Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago de Chile)




  • Second Young Artists Competition (selected artist), Mavi (Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago de Chile)
  • Young Artists Competition (selected artist), Valparaíso, Chile
  • Second Digital Art Competition (selected artist), organized by MATUCANA 100, Revista Paula and Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago de Chile
  • " XXI Century Artists" (selected artist), Centro de Extensión, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago, Chile



  • Arte Joven Competence, MAVI Museo de Artes Visuales (special prize), Santiago, Chile
  • National Young artists Competition Valparaíso, second prize, Valparaíso. Chile



  • Selected Photography Untitled for the competition show “El Río y la Ciudad” MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago de Chile)




  • Black and White Photography workshop by María Paz Mellado, Centro Cultural para la Juventud PADRE MARIANO- Providencia, Santiago, Chile



  • Basic Photography Program, Instituto Bob Borowicz, Santiago, Chile



  • Photography Studies, Instituto Profesional ARCOS, Santiago, Chile


Solo Exhibitions


"Puerto del Hambre" (Port of Hunger), Connoisseur Contemporary, Hong Kong


  • “En Vuestras Tierras Quisiera Yo Descansar” (I Would Like to Rest in Your Land), Sala Gasco, Gasco Foundation, Santiago, Chile



  • Galeríá ARCAUTE, Monterrey, México



  • “Enfermas de amor” (Lovesick Woman), Florencia Loewenthal Gallery. Santiago, Chile


Participated Exibition


Group exhibition with Mariana Tocornal, “Alegorias de dolor propio”, Centro de Extensión Universidad de los Andes, Santiago de Chile

SoloCollage curated by Mr Carlos Montes de Oca, Corporation Cultural Las Condes, Las Condes, Chile


Art Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ArteBa, Buenos Aires’ Annual Contemporary Art Fair, Argentina

Group exhibition, ArteObjeto en Galeria 13, Santiago de Chile

ChACO, Contemporary Art Fair of Chile, Santiago de Chile

Group exhibition, FAXXI Feria de Artistas, Las Condes, Chile


Chaco International Fair of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile,

Participation in the Deviant, a group exhibition of photographs on the whereabouts of the bus system in Santiago, Chile.

Lima Photo, International Fair of Contemporary Photography, Lima, Peru

Group exhibition launch XS Gallery, Santiago de Chile

Art Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 


Relational Project in the City of Rancagua, Headed by the Chilean visual artist Maria Jose Leon, Rancagua, Chile

"Around the College" curated by visual artist Carlos Montes de Oca, Marlborough Gallery, Santiago, Chile

Solo Exhibition, Venetia Kapernekas Gallery, New York, USA

Group Exhibition, Allegro Gallery, Panama City, Panama

ArteBa (Buenos Aires Argentina - International Contemporary Art Fair), Represented by Florencia Loewenthal Gallery


"Through the Painter's Lens" group show with the artists Neil Folberg, Ben Schonzeit, Saul Leiter, Frank Horvat, Isabella Berr, Jo Whaley, John Dugdale, Bill Travis, Brian Riley y Paulette Tavormina, Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

First chilean Art Triennal. Group show "El Terremoto de Chile", curator Fernando Castro Flórez, MAC Quinta Normal, Santiago de Chile.

Ch.ACO (International Contemporary Art Fair, Santiago, Chile).

Group show, curator Andrea Josch, Centro Cultural Simón Patiño, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

“Borderless generation – Young artists in Latin America”, Korea Foundation Cultural Center, Seul, South Korea.


ArteBa (International Contemporary Art Fair Buenos Aires, Argentina).

LENGUA AL PLATO, Bipersonal show, Santiago, Chile.

CIGE (International Contemporary Art Fair Beijing, China).

“(De) Construcciones”, curator María Inés Adaros, Universidad de Guanajuato, México.

ESCENA ALTERADA, Santiago de Chile.


"Sala Cero", Santiago de Chile.

ArtBo (International Contemporary Art Fair, Bogotá- Colombia).

ArteBa (International Contemporary Art Fair, Buenos Aires).

"Esta no/es una exposición de género", curator Soledad Novoa, Centro Cultural de España. Santiago, Chile.

SP-Arte (International Contemporary Art Fair, Sao Paulo).

"Producto de Fábrica", Bipersonal show, Centro de Extensión de la Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago de Chile

"Sección Accesible", Galería Mall Plaza Vespucio, hall belongs to Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Santiago, Chile.


BAC (Contemporary Art Festival Barcelona) Barcelona, España.

"LECCIÓN DE FE", Santiago de Chile.

CHILE CHICO Group Exhibition organized by the collective “No More Nails”, Santiago, Chile.

"Ready, Set, Go!" organized by the group “No More Nails”, Cultural Center of Spain, Providence, Santiago, Chile.

"DUPLEX POWER" organized by the collective “No More Nails”, Santiago, Chile.

”SHOW ME THE BEST" organized by the collective “No More Nails”, Santiago, Chile.



“Connoisseur Contemporary Volume II”, Paperback catalogue, Connoisseur Contemporary, Hog Kong


"Younger than Jesus", Directory of International Artists, New Museum, New York, USA